disaster recovery plan

What is the importance of Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery (DR) is a set of procedures and built-in tools for the recovery and continuation of business systems and infrastructure. Natural and man-made IT disasters may occur, but of course, a good disaster recovery plan can help you survive these unexpected disasters. Disaster recovery focuses on IT-supported business functions to ensure business continuity and…

America’s Top Performing Banks

This just out: Forbes magazine ranking of America’s 100 largest banks following the economic crisis of 2008.

The banks listed range in size from $8 Billion to $2.5 Trillion.

What’s not reported is what’s behind these numbers.

There’s one common denominator that connects these banks and helps explain their shared success in optimizing their efficiency ratio…in this case, helping to control their non-interest expenses: AutoMail®, LLC. Two of the top three banks and three of the top 10 are banks use AutoMail as their provider of item processing solutions; one for in-house use and two are outsource customers


AutoMail®, LLC Becomes Xerox Premier Partner AutoMail®, LLC, has been admitted to the exclusive Xerox Premier Partners Global Network, according to Lisa Golden, EVP and CIO at AutoMail®, LLC. Xerox Premier Partners is a tightly knit, very elite group of the world’s most innovative printers. As a Premier Partner, AutoMail®, LLC, is afforded networking opportunities…