About Us


A little bit about us.

Automail opened in 1997 as a software development company under the name SynTel, LLC. Our inaugural software, AutoMail® PRO, has been used by banks across the country since that time. As a postal presort software, it saves postage, time and labor for our customers.

Over time, we've developed more features for AutoMail and created several companion products.

In 2010 we started Document Output Center (DOC) to meet the growing demand for outsourced statement processing.

We continue to develop solutions that help our customers; often at their request.

Our Team

Our most valuable asset is the group of people who show up to work every day. They are committed to each other and the customers we serve. Don't take our word for it. Give us an opportunity and you'll see it for yourself.


Our History

Our company started in 1993 with a desire to help banks with their statements and notices. At that time, Check Imaging had barely started in community banks. Our founders realized its advantages. The uniformity would allow software to calculate the varying weights and thickness of each statement. This made presorting and assigning discounted postage simple. From that realization, AutoMail PRO, our first software solution, was born.



We love great coworkers. The best are the people who have great work ethics and even better attitudes. They live our core values and fit our culture. We tend to hang on to people for a while, so we don't always have open positions. We're always willing to consider the right person, though.


Markets Served

We created our first software for bank statements and notices. It quickly became obvious it had application outside the financial industry. Other larger mailers started to seek us out. Since then, we have served telecom and utility companies, medical and insurance companies. We've served mailing companies and presort houses. Any large mailer can enjoy our offerings.



Due to the nature of our work, we hold ourselves to the highest levels of security and compliance. They're written into our core values and part of our ongoing training. We also go through a regular SOC2, Type 2 audit, and are HIPAA compliant.



Learn more about our company and helpful industry news by visiting our blog. We don't want to waste your time. We want to be helpful.