Automate your e4641 and AVS processing.

How much time do you spend on requests for asset verification? Do you feel like there should be a software that could automate the process safely?

There is.

Built by customer need, Automated Asset Verification System (AutoAVS) is a welcomed solution.

AutoAVS retrieves e4641 request from the Accuity servers. Then it pulls the relevant customer information from your system and sends it back to Accuity. The process finishes with an email alerting you that it’s done.

The entire process only takes a couple of minutes and requires no human interaction. There could be an occasional request for more information if questions arise.

All data is protected in flight and at rest by the highest standards.

You don’t have to become a subject matter expert. We walk with you through the entire process; from setup to testing to implementation.

Imagine waking up to an email that your e4641/AVS requests completed while you were sleeping.

A Simple Process